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Protest Against Crass Australian Meat and Livestock Advertisement Depicting Lord Ganesha


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I join American Hindus Against Defamation (AHAD) and Hindus around the world in their strong protest against your advertisement video depicting revered Hindu God, Ganesha eating meat.

Ganesha, holds a special place in the hearts of Hindus around the world. Lord Ganesha is also revered by other dharmic traditions around the world, including Jains Sikhs, and Buddhists. Buddhists, worship Lord Ganesha as the Buddhist God Vinayaka throughout Asia, including China and Japan. In fact, many Buddhist traditions believe that Buddha himself was an avatar of Ganesha.

To use the symbol of nonviolent faiths to promote a product that that represents the ultimate violence against innocent animals is abhorrent. It is ironic that, Lord Ganesha is used to promote meat, whereas, millions of Hindus celebrate the festival attributed to Lord Ganesha, by fasting and abstaining from food. Today, we stand united in our opposition to MLA’s advertisement and demand that it be withdrawn immediately.

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44Dinesh TrivediOct 21, 2017
43Prajna KhistyOct 08, 2017
42Usha NamanSep 24, 2017
41Navin KadakiaSep 24, 2017
40Kokilarani GovindarajanSep 24, 2017
39Madhu AggarwalSep 23, 2017
38Ruchi SetyaSep 23, 2017
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36Pradip MaheshwariSep 23, 2017
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27kunal kapoorSep 23, 2017
26Brahm SharmaSep 23, 2017
25Manoj KansaraSep 23, 2017